I'm happy to announce that after several years of hiatus, the Seattle Script Club is starting once again.


Script Clubs have been a great way to get people up and running with PowerShell, and a great place to meet other PowerShell enthusiasts.  They're helpful for newbies, experts, and everything in between.  They're a wonderful way to learn new things about PowerShell and improve your scripting skills.


The Seattle Script Club will have three parts:


-          Open Scripting Time

-          A PowerShell Presentation

-          Socialization



The first new Seattle Script club is this Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 (sorry for the late notice, logistics can be a PITA).   They'll happen every 4th Wednesday of a month.  The main event will happen in the Civica conference room at the Microsoft offices at 205 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA.   Social time will be in Bellevue, at a bar of the group's choosing.  The first round for newcomers is on Start-Automating.


Here's what the Seattle Script Club will have in store for you:


Open Scripting Time (3:30-5PM, Microsoft Campus):


                Bring in your troublesome scripts and get help fixing them.  Debug your problems with PowerShell experts.  Work on whatever you'd like.


                Open Scripting Time will occur on Microsoft campus, and will rotate monthly to a Microsoft cafeteria close to a group in need.    Since Open Scripting Time will be on Microsoft campus, badge access or guest access will be required.  The first month's Script Club will be held in the 42/43/44 cafeteria (for legacy's sake)



PowerShell Presentation (6:00PM-7:30 PM, Civica Conference Room, Microsoft Bellevue Offices (205 108th Ave NE)):


                Each month, we'll be doing a 1-hour presentation on a topic of interest to Seattle area scripters.  The first month will be on SQL and PowerShell (It's got some cool scripts in it, don't miss it!).  The second month will be on PowerShell Cmdlet design.  The third month will be on intranet development with PowerShell.   Each presentation will be followed by extensive Q&A and interesting show and tell by other members of the group.



Socialization (8:00 - ?, Downtown Bellevue):


                After your brains have been thoroughly stuffed with PowerShell knowledge, clear your head and chat with your fellow scripters.  Each month we'll be hanging out after Script Club and enjoying the company of our fellow scripters.  The first round for new attendees to Script Club is on Start-Automating.




I hope to see many familiar faces at Script Club, and meet new scripters in the Seattle area.


The Seattle Script Club is coordinated by James Brundage from Start-Automating, Craig Martin from Edgile, and Andy Schneider from Avanade


Hope this helps (and I hope to see you there),


James Brundage

Founder, Start-Automating