Around Christmas, I published a dozen of my favorite modules to Technet as a stocking stuffer to the PowerShell community.  Well, now, you can make it a solid 13.


After some revision, I've published the module used to publish other modules onto TechNet.  It's called TechNet tools.  It uses AutoBrowse and PowerShell Pipeworks to create a deployment .zip for your module and automate the upload of that module to Technet.  Here's a sample that would upload Pipeworks:


                Publish-Technet -ModuleName Pipeworks -Category "Windows Azure" -Subcategory "Cloud Services" -OperatingSystem "Windows Server 2008", "Windows Server 2008 R2", "Windows 7", "Windows 8", "Windows Server 2012" -MSLPL



It's worth noting that the Technet repository was quite painful to automate.  The script requires that you already have signed into the repository, and since the only way to automate the file upload was thru complex keypresses, it also requires that you don't interact with the machine while you're publishing (for a geek like me, this is harder than it sounds).  But the benefits of publishing to Technet far outweigh the costs:  Once you've used TechnetTools to upload your creation there, untold numbers of scripters can find it and use it with less pain.


I'll be continuing to refine TechnetTools as demands arise.  Right now, it lets you automate technet publishing, get personal statistics, and track what you've already uploaded.  I'll also be using it to upload more modules to Technet in the near future (right now, those 12 modules represent about a quarter of all downloadable modules).


Enjoy the cool new tools, and whatever other contributions get posted to Technet.    Check out all of Start-Automating's contributions to grab a goodie or two.  Don't forget TechnetTools.


Hope this helps,


James Brundage - Founder, Start-Automating